Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[Video] Issa - Hundo Plus Mp3

[Video] Issa - Hundo plus Mp3

Good Life Music Group's latest edition, stand out star, Issa has just released his official video for "Hundo". This track is currently hitting over 40 markets and counting via mediabase. Checkout the official video by visitinghttp://allhiphop.com/videos/issa-hundo/
Hundo Screenshot
Press Play To Watch
Breezy - GLMG - Issa B1
Breezy - GLMG - Issa B2
Breezy - GLMG - Issa B3

If you haven't downloaded the Single, get it today!

Breezy - GLMG - Issa Blast
Breezy - GLMG - Issa B2

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