Friday, February 15, 2013

SouthernFuego Vol.2 Re-Release hosted by @FamousKidBrick (Full Mix by @DJShalamar) LINK INSIDE @TeamBiggaRankin @CoolRunningDJS @Breezysays

1.SouthernFuego - Famous Kid Brick Intro -Im on it 
2.Famous Kid Brick Speaks -Dumb Doe
3.Emac ft Famous Kid Brick - Stoopid Ham
4.Famous Kid Brick Speaks ( In his Dj Shalamar Voice)
5.Dj Christion - In this Bitch (Brick Verse Only)
6.Splitta Squad - Superstar Remix (Brick Verse Only)
7.Young Bizzy Famous Kid Brick - 2AM (Brick Verse Only)
8.Famous Kid Brick Saluting Dj Shalamar
9.Jazzy ft Famous Kid Brick - My Woe Remix
10.Famous Kid Brick Oh Yes Sir Introduction
11.Famous Kid Brick - Yes Sir
12.Lil Kee ft Famous Kid Brick - Going To da Mall ( BRick Verse ONly)
13.Famous Kid Brick PSA - TBR CRDJs, CoastCoast, CLub Junkie, Sucker rokk, Jook City shout out!!!
14.Famous Kid Brick Shoutout Nikki Lucy Mix
15.SouthernFuego Mix Outro - Famous Kid Brick - The World Is mine

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